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An online dating profile review and makeover. Submit your online dating profile and receive notes.

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One Private Coaching Session with Natacha Noel

The Bonuses


  • Tow weekly live workshop with step-by-step method to be successful with high value women.

Your Membership Will Include:


The 6-month matchmaking membership that will position you to attract highly attractive women of substance and put you in a path for a successful relationship.

This is not a pre-recorded coaching program. This is a matchmaking service which includes introductions (referrals, matches) with live coaching sessions to get you the results you have been longing for.

Each week two new modules will be taught live by Natacha or a dating coach on her team. If you attend live, Natacha will use your  as an example in her training. If you cannot attend live, the replays will be provided to you. Natacha will host a special Q + A and answer any questions you have.

You'll have access to Natacha and the expert coaches on her team via the private Facebook Community, coaching audits, and feedback sessions where you can seek feedback, ask questions + be supported as you reach your goals.

  • up to 12 Introductions/referrals with  high value women
  • 3 match criteria
  • photos with all profiles are included
  • Feedback and accountability
  • Daily Office Hours
  • Private Facebook Group

Confidential one-one-one matchmaking consultation to make sure you are served at the highest level.

  • Finding a life partner begins when you're single. The choices you make when you're single determine your success when you are in a relationship. This is the whole idea behind Lavish Dates feedback sessions to keep you accountable to your personal relationship goals. What you will do when you're single and dating, how you screen and test women will set yourself up for success. You will then be on the path to find the love of your life, and live happily ever after.


In this phase, we start making introductions that are customized to your requirements. We pool from our database of highly attractive women. We concierge all dates. You will be introduced to up to 12 women that you can meet over dinner or drinks and if they are not situated in your location you can start with a video call or phone call.

Quality Introductions/Referrals


We believe you should start with the end in mind. Tell us about how you plan to live your life so we can line up compatible women.
Personalized consultation and Deconstruction of your requirements and needs per your life goals. Let’s find what’s working well and what needs shifts or tweaks. We figure out why you are not in a relationship with your perfect type of woman with you so we can help you with partner choosing.



A deep connection with your type of woman has never been more possible.

We like to connect the cream of the crop with the most desirable women: 

Radical Dating

You are extremely successful at everything in life with the exception of the “elusive’’ committed relationship with an attractive woman; a woman who takes your breath away, but seems to be out of reach.

You have never failed at anything in life that you have set your mind to, but you have exhausted all avenues to meet those “high value” women; you’ve seen them, maybe even dated them but have yet to capture the heart of the one you would want to keep.

You are a successful man and you are ready for a transformative 90-day journey to learn the unique steps that have taken single men like you to find and attract their life partner, an attractive, smart and feminine woman who you can trust and who shares your top life and relationship values .

You know inside of you there is something you may not be doing that is not getting you the results you want with the type of woman you really want. 

You may have some limiting beliefs around why you are not dating the type of women you would want to commit to such as, your location, your age, your wealth, your physical appearance. You're willing to let go of the "nothing works for me" voice that dictates some of your choices.

You would like to find your life partner in the next month to 6 months.

You are willing to learn the characteristics that attract high value women.
Learn what it means in today's world to be masculine and not have to change to attract feminine women.

You may feel cheated despite having the money, the status and the looks when the 9’s and 10’s reject you, when you feel you have so much to offer? 
Does it send off a “trigger” when a woman tells you she would rather be friends despite your wealth, notoriety, your physical shape and your lavish lifestyle? 

You put up with shit from women because you are too embarrassed to tell your friends about it or you just flat out believe she’s the best you can find.

You meet women who seem to be the perfect partner for weeks, or even months, until they say or do something, and you suddenly realize they will not be Mrs. Right.

You hear a voice inside your head telling you are unworthy of having a gorgeous woman by your side.

You had an expensive, painful, and emotionally charged divorce? You prefer to settle for a broken, or average woman, instead of pursuing the ones you really want, because you are afraid of a repeat.

You seem to be attracting women who are more attracted to your money than to you.

You secretly feel alone, or lonely, with no one you can trust or confide in.

You carry the weight of family and friends on your shoulders, wondering what’s wrong with you when labeled as the quintessential ladies’ man. 

You start to wonder if there is something wrong with you.

You are a Lavish Dates client if:

I called Natacha for help and quickly realized how important coaching was to identify what I wanted in life, what were my needs and who would be the right type of woman to date to ultimately be happy with. We reviewed potential candidates together. She knew all of them well and I could validate with her my impressions after meeting the candidates I had chosen.
After a few months I had met the pearl I was looking for: the right blend of beauty and core values I had been missing. I was very touched by Natacha’s sincere help and commitment. She has a unique mix of authenticity, deep experience and resources.
Thank you Natacha

"Having met other matchmakers in the past, and having been less than impressed with their prowess and selection, it was a refreshing change to meet Natacha. From the start, she was extremely attentive to my feelings and thoughts on dating and relationships and painstakingly wrote everything down. She asked for pics of previous relationships to serve as a benchmark for my tastes in women. She seemed very intuitive and very committed to her clients happiness. I have already been introduced to two women, both of whom meet my high standards for intelligence, appearance, and decorum. All in a space of two weeks. As the saying goes "the proof is in the pudding" and so far Natacha has not disappointed. " Charles

Hi Natacha,
I'm assuming you want me to report to you after each one of my dates.
I spoke with Sandra yesterday. The call went well. Easy to chat with. In fact, I will be traveling to her cottage on Friday and staying the weekend. Serious leap of faith on my part, but I guess this reflects my character. What’s the worse that could happen? I meet a terrific lady.
I texted Julie to see if we could schedule a dinner for next week when she returns. I like her and hope she engages.
I have dinner with Jasmine tonight. Stay tuned.
Take care.

Hi Natacha!

At the airport in Toronto waiting for my flight home.
I has a lovely weekend with Rhonda. You were absolutely right, she is indeed a special soul and I am glad I made the call to fly out to see her.
Look forward to chatting in the next couple of days.

Hi Natacha, Thank you for introducing me to Denise. She is a dream come true. Any man would be lucky to have her in his life. I’m happy you convinced me to meet her, I would have missed out. Steven

“I found the workshop excellent! I particularly like the honesty of the approach. The experience was exceptional. One thing I liked was the quality of the service. Millionaire Search helped me by introducing me to amazing women.” Richard

 “I would definitely recommend this workshop! It was very interesting and enlightening. What intrigued me most was finally putting words to both my perceptions and observations. Doing so will allow me to see more clearly in my future relationships". John
“I found the workshop excellent. Great delivery and great humor. Absolute Bachelor Club helped me by carefully choosing whom to meet. I would recommend the Emotional Needs Theory Workshop to people who need any expansion of ideas! Knowledge is power!”

“Absolute Bachelor Club helped me understanding a lot of things. They finally put words on what I feel and that I sometimes don’t understand. The experience was AWESOME! I would recommend to others of course! I would LOVE my future partner to attend this workshop. I think it would really put good foundations in the relationship.”


 “I thought the information was very well delivered and that the coaching is very entertaining and easy to relate to. I think more men need to hear what they has to say and I would recommend this workshop to guys, particularly, who can’t stay in relationships. It’s also eye-opening for girls because it gives up an objective perspective of why we do what we do or feel how we feel.”

“I find the workshop very well organized and structured and I found the experience very interesting. I do recommend the workshop to others like some single ladies around me who are not sure about what they are looking for in a man.”

"I appreciated the approach, the examples and the sincerity of the speech. The experience in general was awesome. I would definitely recommend this workshop to others".

“The approach was clear, honest and applicable. It was a great experience and I will recommend this to all my single friends.”

 “I would recommend the workshop to others.”

 “The examples of Frank reminded me of my own experiences, his sense of humor to explain a serious subject, the experience was a combo of real life examples and explanations. I would recommend the workshop to my friends.”

Dear Natacha,

Unlike many people, I registered with you to benefit from your coaching services rather than taking advantage of your matchmaking services. I wanted to reflect on where I was in the present - and given the fact that I will soon be 60 in a few weeks, I figured it was probably the best gift I could give myself. I would like to tell you that your coaching service is above and beyond my expectations.

Yesterday during our session, you asked me a few questions to help allow me recognize, beyond all doubt, the right person who crosses my path. After having thought this over at length, I realized that I am capable of recognizing this person.... Myself. The journey I have undertaken with your expertise makes me aware that, ultimately, the most important person and the one that I must love beyond all doubt is myself. We all have different paths, however for me, regaining contact with my inner self leads me to be happy in the depths of my being and without this happiness and energy, I believe that we cannot be happy with another person. Throughout the process that I have undertaken with you, I am capable of being more aware of what I really want, which in turn increases my gain in confidence. With this new confidence, I will have the capacity to recognize the right companion for me without having to make frustrating concessions because I now have an increasingly clear picture of what I want and what I don’t want. The steps I am taking with you are not over yet, however I already see the benefits and positive effects that such an approach has on me. Dear Natacha, I simply wanted to share with you my thoughts about our meeting yesterday.

I wish you a great day,


Natacha knew exactly how to make me feel confident and evaluate my real needs as of the very first meeting! Subsequently, during the coaching sessions, I was capable of understanding my limiting beliefs which held me back in my approach with women - which led me to several more personal reflections, allowing me to ultimately change my perception. As one thing lead to another, discussing my values, my vision and objectives as well as how to reach them, I was capable of acquiring the right tools for breaking the pattern! It only took 4 months and I met the woman I will spend the rest of my life with. I am forever thankful.

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